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At only 12km from Chefchaouen, in Zaouiya Habteene village, in Talassemtane National Pak, our guesthouse is located. It offers a new vision of traveling to the North of Morocco to encounter Jbala people…

Our guesthouse permits the discovery of the natural and cultural resources of Jbala region, in their authenticity through a supporting and responsible travel. The guests will live the authenticity of Jbala people who willingly will transmit and share their traditions with the guests. Additionally, the guests will explore the enormous richness of Talassemtane Natural Park.

Thanks to the Park richness, hiking tours are suggested by our guesthouse to explore the area. Our guesthouse is an essential element for ecotourism and rural tourism promotion in Zaouiya Habteene village. Walks and hikes are the best way to encounter the people and to perceive the inhabitant ordinary life…

By choosing rural tourism, you support local economy, through generating incomes for the inhabitants.
Our guesthouse is also a halt for the Rif grand crossing

Welcome to our guesthouse, Gite Talassemtane

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Locals & Professional

We are a local family business of an experience in ecotourism that is almost two decades. The money you pay for our services is a source of income to local communities. There are no mediators between you and us. We guaranty you not only a real insight into our lives, but also ensures your travel experience makes a genuine difference to local people.

Provide you with an authentic experience

Our activities are not superficial tourist activities. We guarantee you an in-depth understanding to experience authentic local lifestyles, customs and culture of our community. Unique lodging, cuisine, and activities form a foundation for increased knowledge and awareness of another culture, different set of beliefs, and social norms.

Community-based tourism

Visiting local indigenous communities gives the opportunity to experience the customs, food, lifestyle, and set of beliefs. We manage the impacts and the benefits of your stay, to strengthen the self-governance, economic alternatives, and traditional ways of local community life. Our experiences are entirely community-owned and managed – meaning your stay won’t just benefit one family, but the community as a whole.

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