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About us


Community based tourism is a new way to explore Chefchaouen.  Eco Rando Chefchaouen and Gite Talassemtane Eco-lodge is a family business that thrives to make a difference. We offer you an authentic stay combined with cultural and outdoors activities to discover Jbala people, the Berbers of the Rif mountains. Our activities are original designed for you to  experience the true meaning of community based tourism.  We save you the warmest welcome and  will enthusiastically share our culture and traditions with you.

Jbala are “mountaineers” or the inhabitants of the Rif Mountains where Chefchaouen is located. These people were famous for pottery art making which was basically a technical expertise of Berber women. They designed it to meet the household needs.
Along the days, walks and hikes take you to the heart of villages, to meet native communities. They are preserved from modern world to better transmit their traditions and culture.

community based tourism


Our prior commitment is to sustainability. We are dedicated  to a tourism factor of sustainable development. First, we use traditional materials of the region. Second , we serve local products while you’re staying at our place. Third, we also contribute to creating  direct and indirect income to the locals. Additionally, we assist local development associations, thanks to your donation. We help preserving the heritage, culture and traditions. Furthermore, we participate in organizing  sensitization campaign towards environment with students. Last but not least empowering rural women is also our concern . If you are looking to make a difference while you are in Chefchaouen, this is the right address.  Encourage us to thrive and to achieve theses goals!


Our nature & culture experiences and stays in Chefchaouen are about sharing our passion with you. To start with, we love to share our traditions. Uniquely,  see how our guests appreciate the diverse landscapes and people hospitality. We endeavor to promote comfortable, friendly holiday stays and provide a different way of traveling . Likewise, we seek to meet the  needs of holidaymakers seeking authentic, convivial holidays in natural settings and wide-open spaces. Furthermore, we  contribute to preserve and promote the Moroccan countryside and its special cultural heritage.  We believe that participating in local development would bring stability to the rural population by providing additional resources through sustainable tourism.


As in all trips, the behavior of the traveler is the guarantee of a certain authenticity. Our advise, is to never forget you are a guest a in a region  preserved from mass tourism.
During your hike you will be in touch with a friendly population. The greatest service you can offer is to never distribute pens, sweets or money. Kindly, give school supplies, clothes or donations to our association. They will be handed  to teachers and villagers.
Please avoid light clothing that might offend. For example, shorts and low neckline clothes . Consequentially, you will have a correct look passing through the villages.
If you see shoes near the door, kindly take off yours before entering the room. When you take pictures, kindly respect the inhabitants privacy. Please be discrete or simply ask the permission with a smile. This is the best way to establish contact with the population. Lastly, please respect the sacred places, cemeteries, marabou and avoid kissing in public!


Chefchaouen is well known for its healthy diet classified by UNESCO. Our dishes are made from local products . You will enjoy regional delicacies. Various products are locally made by cooperatives.

Consuming local products means contributing to the preservation of the environment. It also means supporting the local economy. You will also enjoy fresh products and Chefchaouen specialties.

Several producers and coops, supported by the government and local associations, are committed to ensure quality products  such extra virgin olive oil, goat cheese, dried fruits and honey among others.
In addition, this territory is part of the Mediterranean Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve recognized by UNESCO in October 2006.