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Chefchaouen Outdoors Activities and Cultural Expereinces nearby

Are you looking for outdoors activities near Chefchaouen ? To be in nature and get in touch with local communities ? We are happy to assist you. You can branch out in the villages, Talassemtane Natural Park and the surrounding mountains of the Rif. Similarly, hike to Mount Lakraa 2159M, to Mount Tissouka 2100m and to Talassemtane natural park with our local guide. We’re experts of the area, willing to organize a tailored made stay with authentic experiences. Or, you can to choose to just relax in our Eco-lodge near Chefchaouen and indulge in a cultural activity learning about our cuisine and crafts.

How we work

Our services are varied and prices differ depending on the number of people and services included. We offer accommodation in Eco lodge, or Riad in Chefchaouen in full board or half-board. We also offer transportation from various areas of Morocco. Similarly, we arranges several types of experiences. Our experiences are private and customized. If you have you want tour tailed to your needs and expectation, we are all ears.

Regarding hiking, you’ll be accompanied by a mountain guide, French, English or Spanish speaking guide. Your luggage will be carried by mules for longer hikes.

We facilitate everything for you to make the best out of your trip to Chefchaouen or other similar activities around Morocco .

Day outdoors activities and cultural expereinces

Our day trips are designed to give you a taste of a what the countryside side of Chefchaouen is. It’s meant to give you a short experience to discover the Rif culture as well as to explore the wild nature of Talassemtane park. Similarly, to live a closer authentic rural life in the north of Morocco.

Among our day tours :

Treks and hikes

Treks and hikes are offered by our organisation Eco Rando Chefchaouen to explore the natural and cultural richness of the Chefchaouen region. Chefchaouen has more to offer than the blue color of its medina. It has gorgeous Mountains. Additionally, Chefchaouen has one of the most beautiful parks of Morocco that has endemic species and stunning views. Likewise, the local communities are eager to meet you and will save your the warmest welcome ever. This rich natural and cultural ressources allow the visitor to live unforgettable experiences.

Among our proposals that can also be modified to fit your time and budget are :

The Rif Mountain by bike

Exploring Chefchaouen surrounding can be in many ways. Cycling is one of them. The beautiful parks of Chefchaouen and wild places can be explored by a VTT. If you’re looking for this type of adventures, we’re eager to assist.
The itineraries below are a sample of our cycling tours near Chefchaouen. If you need a tailed itinerary, we will be happy to assist you