Plan d’acces


Zaouiya Habteene village is located at 12km from Chefchaouen in Talassemtane National Park. The village is placed at Mountain Lakraa feet, the highest summit of the region 2159m.
Our rural guesthouse « Gite Talassemtane » is located in Zaouiya Habteene village at 850m at Jbel Lakraa feet (2159m).It constitutes an ideal halt for the Rif Grand Crossing.
It’s also a traditional guesthouse that opens its doors to you to live Jbala culture. Directed by Fatima and her family, you will live the regular rhythm of Jbala life and discover the surrounding world…
Along the days, walks and hikes take you to the heart of villages, to meet the community that’s preserved from the modern world to better transmit its traditions and culture
Finally by your choice of different holidays, you support the local economy, generating incomes for the local.


Zaouiya Habteene village is 1 hour drive from Chefchaouen village. It’s accessible by tourist car untill Bab Taza town. Then take the road to Maggo village and then Zaouiya Habteene.
Alternatively, on foot (12km) starting directly from Chefchaouen, from Ras El Mae, by taking the track towards Mechkrala village, Tissouka village and finally Zaouiya Habteene village…. See the map


Les cordonnées GPS sont (35.117697,-5.197177)


The guesthouse is constructed in a traditional architecture of the region. It’s simple yet comfortable, with an exceptional position: awesome panoramic views over the Rif mountains and the natural parks of the region: Talassemtane National Park and Bouhachem Regional Park…
The guesthouse dispose of :
• 1 room with matrimonial bed and a small bed ( interior shower and toilet)
• 1 room with matrimonial bed and a small bed (exterior shower and toilet),
• 2 rooms with 3 singles beds (exterior shower and toilet)
• 2 big terraces with panoramic views
• 1 big salon
• 1 dinning room
• 1 big garden where you can enjoy a cup of tea and chat with guests
• Hot water, heater


Local varied food is served. Natural product of the farm is used to prepare delicious local dishes. Without forgetting the delicious bread and crepes prepared each morning by Malika.. During the hikes food is picnic or lunch with the locals